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Am I draining my friends?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

Am I an energy vampire if I go to my friends in times of trouble to vent? I have had a lot of troubles (i.e., deaths in family and bad relationships) and tend to go in circles, but no one has ever said I drain them. I thought it was good to go to your support system when you were down. That being said I think that I am acutely sensitive to other people's energy-- I accept other's issues as my own and I end up venting their issues via my support structure. It's draining to me! Any thoughts?
Wanaque, NJ

Answer: Dear Jay,

What a wonderful question to ask if you are an energy vampire! The best way to find out is to ask others in your support system if you are draining them to go around in circles. It's healthy to vent to supportive friends and love ones when you are going through pain and trauma. As long as your goal is to process your emotions and heal, there shouldn't be a problem. But energy vampires typically go around in circles and aren't open to solutions. That's what wears people out. If your venting is draining you, it's time to decrease the venting a bit and go inward for answers. Practice the three minute meditation in Emotional Freedom to open your heart and find healing and peace within.
All the best,

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