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Am I having premonitions?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff:

I am OFTEN having day dreams or intuitions that come true. They are right on with all information, but the people involved (or the people in the intuition/dream) end up being different in the actual incident. Can you tell me if this is normal behavior, something I should look into further, or, should I just leave it alone?
Thank you,
Satellite Beach, FL

Answer: Dear Melissa:

Sometimes it is possible to have intuitions that come true in dreams. If you suspect this is the case, meditate on the dream while awake and inwardly request to know who in your life the dream is about. But even if you get a name it is important to tune into whether it is appropriate to share this information with the person. If you have any doubts, do not share. If you like the experience of developing these kinds of intuitions you can look into the experience further. I write about them in Second Sight. If it doesn't feel comfortable pursuing these experiences I would leave them alone.
All the best

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