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Are traditional psychiatrists becoming more open to intuition?


As a Medical Intuitive Student (Dr. Myss and Shealy's four year class), a current bodywork therapist who has used intuition in her work for over 15 years, and the daughter of a New Orleans psychiatrist who co-founded Houston/Galveston Psychoanalytic Institute in the early 60's, I am greatly interested in hearing more about the talk you gave at the American Psychiatric Association convention.

I find it fascinating that they were open to your work and encouraged by your comment that it went wonderfully. I would love to hear more about how it came about and the level of interest since your workshop. Is there a web site where I can obtain more information?

Thank you


I gave a workshop at the American Psychiatric Association on my book Guide to Intuitive Healing: Five Steps to Physical, Emotional, and Sexual Wellness. The reason I used that title for the talk was that it gave psychiatrists something very concrete to do. Five Steps to...they can easily understand. The majority of psychiatrists who attended were in private practice in the Mid-West. What struck me about them was their sincere desire to learn new skills to teach patients. So I engaged their linear minds with the 5 steps and they went with it. Of course, doctors all ask hard questions, and most don't have the first hand experience of what trusting intuition means in the nitty gritty of work with patients--though of course most, especially the old timers, know what ''trusting your gut' means. I was touched by how open they were, despite the rigidity of our medical training. It was an honor to speak to them. The key to communicating with MDs--psychoanalysts are some of the toughest!-- is to combine heart and mind to convey new ideas. Try to have as much compassion as you can, and suspend judgment. Hope this helps. No website to refer to about this talk I gave at the APA, though now this information is on Caroline Myss' site. Great question.

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