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As an empath how do I know if an emotion is mine or someone else's?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

I am just trying to come to terms with the fact that I am an empath, at the age of 43. My greatest challenge is not being able to discern others emotions and my own. How can I know before acting "crazy" that the emotion I am feeling is not my own?
Coco, Costa Rica

Answer: Dear Niki,

Great question! To make sure your emotions aren't being activated it's important to know your top fears and insecurities. (Read my book, Emotional Freedom for strategies.) For instance, are you afraid of depression, lack of success, or illness? The reason this is important to know is that these are the areas where you may be projecting your own fears onto others. If you have doubt about where the emotion is coming from, take a few moments to meditate, center yourself, ask that your fears be lifted, then tune in again to the other person to see if the emotion is coming from them. Also a quick way if you are say, at a party or a gathering, is to simply move at least 20 feet away from the person, out of their energy field. If the emotion dissipates, it was probably coming from them!
From one empath to another,
All the best,

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