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Do emotional empaths have a stronger connection to the animal kingdom?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

After reading your website and watching your videos, I am certain that I am an emotional empath. I am an animal lover. I have several cats as pets. I find that whenever I'm in the company of animals I feel totally relaxed and happy. I feel that they have a pure healing energy after I have been around the hectic energy of different people during the day. Do empaths have a stronger connection to the animal kingdom?
Cleveland, OH

Answer: Dear Angela,

I view our sweet animal companions as teachers and healers. Though all people with loving hearts can feel their goodness, empaths are especially sensitive to absorbing the pure unconditional love that cats and dogs and other animal companions so generously bestow. It is very soothing for empaths to be around that love. Wild creatures exude power and grandeur, a bit of a different energy, that can be very vitalizing too. Empaths often find people difficult and harsh whereas loving animal companions nurture them. I feel so strongly about this subject I am devoting a chapter in my new book on surrender to it.
All the best,

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