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Do parallel universes exist?

Question: Dr. Orloff,

Can people travel through time and space and parallel universes? I recently figured out I have mirror touch synesthesia (NPR show) after my intuition sky-rocketed following a family trauma. I also just started reading Second Sight and cannot thank you enough. I have had many of your same experiences. Thank you for spending those 7 years writing it.

Answer: Dear Amy,

Famed scientist Stephen Hawkings says "Physics is finally ready to read the mind of God.” Science has forged ahead with string theory, which says that matter emanates from a multitude of strings. Each string is made of different notes. So from an intuitive point of view it has always made sense to me that parallel universes do exist. In Daoism, the parallel universe is called “the yin realm.” I believe in our dreams we travel to many different dimensions, including parallel universes. In a sense, death is a parallel universe since our spirits exist way beyond the life of the body. All exciting food for thought.
All the best

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