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Does "going with the flow" make us passive?

Question: Dear Dr Orloff

The idea of going with the flow bothers me. Sometimes, to change the world to make it better, you have to fight against popular opinion, against the way things are. Sometimes people have to die violently before things change. That's hard. Could going with the flow just be a way to render people inactive who otherwise could do something to make the world a better place, even if it's at their own expense?
Sunnyvale, CA

Answer: Dear Carmen

In my book The Ecstasy of Surrender I emphasize the art of going with the flow, whether it is forward or simply waiting for the right time to act. Surrender is not passive at all. It means tuning into your intuition to know exactly when the perfect timing is to act. Whether you're waging a revolution or wanting to communicate with your spouse, sensing the right time to move forward can determine how successful you will be.
All the best,

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