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How can an "Empath" and a "Rock" be in a good relationship?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

I read your book Positive Energy and loved it. I am currently reading Emotional Freedom and wanted to ask you about emotional 'types'. I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend who fits to a T the description of a 'rock', while I am definitely an emotional empath. I worry about the discrepancy in the way we express emotions. I was wondering if you could please offer any comments, suggestions, or advice about this dynamic. Thank you very much.
Norfolk, VA

Answer: Dear Emily,

I think empaths and rocks make wonderful partners. They balance each other and help each other grow. The Rock can learn to express his passion and emotions more clearly from you, while you can learn grounding techniques from your partner the Rock. Have your boyfriend read the section on Empaths and Rock in Emotional Freedom, then discuss positive changes you both can make. I love having a partner who's a rock. They're like big bears who are solid on the earth.
All the best,

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