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How can an Empath and an Intellectual have a good relationship?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

I really enjoy reading your writings. My question is how to make my relationship better with my girlfriend who is the intellectual type you talk about in Emotional Freedom. I am definitely the sensitive type. For example I have good interpersonal skills but I still get overwhelmed by her.
London, UK

Answer: Dear Peter,

As a sensitive empath it's very important that you set clear limits and boundaries with your girlfriend. As I discuss in my book she is the emotional type called the Intellectual. She naturally prefers staying in her head whereas you tend to be more empathic and intuitive. Surrendering worry is very important to maintain peace of mind. A good relationship is based on respect and trust. As an empath you have special needs and require quiet time. Talk to your girlfriend about your needs and then you both can find a creative way to find balance.
In healing,

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