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How can developing intuition help me become more disciplined?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

I want to start exercising regularly, develop better sleep hygiene, and strengthen my concentration when I start graduate studies this year. What are the best techniques to strengthen willpower so I can accomplish these tasks? I've been successful in life, but I'm indulgent. I make strides in concentrated bursts of energy, but I need to learn to develop a daily productive rhythm. What do you suggest?
Thank you,
Irvine, CA

Answer: Dear Lisa,

In my book Positive Energy I emphasize the importance of tuning in to your subtle energy on a daily basis with your intuition. Intuition is the still small voice inside that will tell you the truth about things. First thing in the morning, spend 5 minutes meditating, close your eyes, and focus on your heart chakra in the middle of your chest. This is the seat of your power. Doing this meditation allows you to connect with yourself so that you feel connected to your inner voice. This will guide you through graduate school and throughout your entire life. But you must do this every day for 30 days to start, then at least 4 times a week for a month, then as much as possible. When you develop a deeper connection with yourself you will be able to have more discipline and passion.

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