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How can I achieve a positive attitude and focus in today's economy?

Question: Dr. Orloff,

I have been in the Information Technology Field for over 20 years, I've worked as an IT support specialist through out my career. I've been unemployed since June 2010, and I have been diligently trying to get employment in my field. I send on the average of 5 to 7 applications weekly with little success. I know in this economy finding a job is very difficult. I try to keep positive that something will come through.

I would like to create a more positive attitude and look on the bright side that success will come through. How can I achieve this and get positive results and be able to keep a positive focus and outlook in the rough times ahead.
Thank you,

Answer: Dear Al,

I've worked with so many brave patients in similar positions. To keep a positive attitude, it's vital that you stay in the Now and do not project worse case scenarios into the future. As you are doing, take baby action steps each day to apply for jobs and investigate leads. In addition, it is good to tune into intuition to discover ah-ha! leads you might not have thought of. In a quiet moment, follow your breath and let thoughts float by like clouds in the sky. Inwardly pose a question "How can I find a job?" Be open to any images, impressions, or knowings that come through. Then follow up on them! We are sending you positive thoughts for success!
All the best,

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