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How can I stop overeating?

Question: For the past two years I have created an energy dynamic of food binging and addiction. My cravings and impulses to eat are so unconscious that I find it a challenge to stop myself before the behavior begins or even during the act! This energy drains my personal power and causes me so much pain and yet I have continued to behave in this manner which is not what I want for myself. Please help me end this cycle of giving away my power to food.

Answer: A dynamic that many people who fail diets aren't aware of is this: we eat to buffer the negative energy around us. It's subconscious. Not only do you overeat in response to emotional stresses, there are energetic stressors too. We eat to buffer the negative vibes we absorb from people and situations. Case in point: The turn of the century faith healers were typically extremely obese women. They said that had to keep the weight on to prevent absorbing the symptoms of the patients they treated--not a healthy or necessary coping device. Instead you need to pinpoint energetic triggers--such as going though airport security, a nasty boss, an uncomfortable party--wherever you pick up negative vibes. Then you must learn coping techniques to protect yourself such as visualizing a protective barrier of white light around you, grounding techniques, setting boundaries, walking away from energy vampires, designing a life where you're not drained by others. All this can effect your food intake. I highly recommend reading my new book Positive Energy--I go into this in great detail. It will be out early 2004. Now, please read my book Guide to Intuitive Healing, the chapter on Centering and Protection. It will get you started.

You can do it!

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