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How can I use intuition to find the right roommate?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

No matter how I listen to my body and my intuition, I keep ending up in horrible roommate situations where I end up having to move which is very stressful. Since I am an empath with fibromyalgia this is especially difficult for me. I would like my own place without a roommate. Any suggestions to be able to read my intuition better about people?

Thanks for your help,
Los Angeles, CA

Answer: Dear Charli,

It’s very important that when you tune into intuition you identify only neutral or compassionate messages. When you meet a potential roommate, take some quiet time alone and tune in. Inwardly ask your body, “How do I feel about this person?” Then listen for gut responses or flashes of insight that are neutral or compassionate. It’s important to see through faux-empathy that narcissists often present to sense the real person. I would stay away from an excessively charming people and tell them you are an empath and what your needs for aloneness are. See how they respond. You might want to look for roommates on Mindfulness sites and find fellow meditators who are usually a lot of more inward and quiet.

Also take a look at my book Guide to Intuitive Healing to learn 5 steps to develop intuition. Keep practicing them to hone your most accurate intuitions.

Love and Light,

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