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How can intuition improve my life and relationships?

Question: Hi Judith,
Most of my life I have had this feeling of forced happiness, forced being social with friends and family. Feeling obligated to family and friends to be the wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend which I feel should come naturally. Funny thing is I enjoy greatly social situations and even intimate time with one person. The difficulty is just the effort to go to these situations. Sometimes I feel fake. I don't feel I am where I should be, that there is more, to me, too what I should be.

I am going to try and find my intuitive ability, which I believe I have. Dreams, and feelings I have make me believe this. Starting with more regular meditation, which I have been trying to do regularly for a few years now. I will keep a dream journal also. Thanks, just wanted too share with someone who knows.

Answer: Hi Anne,

Yes! Begin to listen to intuition and dreams about what really moves and inspires you to find people and situations with some juice and that your harmonize with. Intuition lets you be passionate, in the moment, so you enjoy others more and can be more you! Taking time each day to tune in, listen to your gut, and then follow it will rejuvenate your life and make it more fun and loving. Please tune into the series of mini video classes on intuition and dreams I'm offering on my website and on Youtube!
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All best,

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