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How do I balance letting go VS taking charge to manifest a goal?

Question: Hi Dr. Orloff,
My intuition is what has guided me throughout a very challenging but rewarding journey. I have found myself softening and embracing surrender and all of its magical nuances. My question is regarding the balance of living in what I call the "void of surrender". I find I am living in the moment and still have fire in my soul but no path is showing itself so I am in a void. I find myself isolated. How can I find balance?
PS: Your books seem to find me at the exact moment I need your words to reassure. I feel like I have been silently walking beside you on your journey and want to thank-you for your courage and truth.
Ottawa, ON

Answer: Dear Krystal,
What a heartfelt question! Surrender is a balance of doing the footwork and then turning over the results to a higher intelligence or spirit. It is very important to balance the linear, logical mind with intuition. I would engage your logic and map out exciting prospects for your path. Make a list and check to see what you really resonate with. Then pray asking for guidance to be shown what direction to take. I would also make phone calls and go on interviews about these prospects rather than just waiting an intuiting. Surrender is all about balance. Knowing when to take control and move forward, and learning how to back off. I suggest reading the power chapter in my book, The Ecstasy of Surrender for guidance on your path. You have a beautiful heart and I know your beautiful future will unfold!
In healing,

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