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How do I live with an empath?

Question: Dear Orloff

I thought I'd never end up in the situation I'm in. I am a sensitive person and my new Partner in life for the last 4 months is into Reiki healing, crystals, vibrations and so on. I am not but respect her passion & believes. My question is to you is How does one survive an empath? I feel as if I am not being able to be myself with such a person. Perhaps you could write or provide a strategy in dealing with such a person?
Thank you,
Sacramento, CA

Answer: Dear Rainer

Empaths are extremely sensitive people and need their alone time. It is very important that you give it to your partner. Find out what your partner's other needs are and try to factor them in to your decision making. For instance, if the person only likes to stay an hour or two in social situations let her take their own car so they can be comfortable. The empath, however, must do his/her own work in managing their sensitivities. An empath without these skills can be very uncomfortable in their own skin and make their loved ones uncomfortable. I suggest you both take a look at my book Emotional Freedom to learn and practice strategies for dealing with empaths. They will help!
All the best,

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