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How do I quiet the chatter in my mind?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff:

I am 46 and premenopausal. I have anxiety and sleep is difficult. Quieting the "monkey mind" is the biggest issue. I found your books and bought 3 of them! The one that caught my attention was Emotional Freedom. Recently, I've gone through a divorce, lost my job, and lost my dog, my best friend--more change at once than I am used to. How can I be rid of my "monkey mind"?
Frederick, MD

Answer: Dear Michelle:

It's important to practice deep breathing to learn to quiet the mind. When a disturbing thought comes, refocus on the breath. It is a process of reprogramming where you put your attention. The breath is sacred prana, our life force. The Western mind has no idea about the power of breath. But you need to know about it. It also helps to have a beautiful positive image ready to counter busy or negative thoughts-- a sunset, a child's face, a flower. Practice the "3 Minute Meditation" in Emotional Freedom to calm your mind and open your heart. The busy mind can be diverted using these techniques.
In praise of a quiet mind,

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