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How do I stay true to my authentic self?

Question: Recently, I was a student at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, California, a holistic college, working on my Masters in Counseling Psychology with specialization in Transpersonal. I soon became to struggle financially with living in the Bay Area and upped my work time to 50 hours a week just to survive. I was also finding myself relocating to (four times in a year total) house after house trying to find one that felt like home, or was less expensive, or had more room for my dog. Nothing would satisfy me. This inevitably took a toll, on my grades, retention, and time for myself. I stopped going to school. I worked for another month or two, fighting the feelings that I was suppose to be somewhere else, doing something else. I gained 15 lbs. I then became ill. I was hospitalized for days after the 'flu' turned into a 911 call, ambulance ride, and a diagnosis that included an attacking bacteria in my colon. I was out of work for over a week...and in the long run when I had the energy to go back to work, I went to say 'I Quit.'

I have since moved back to my mothers house, (2 hours out of the city) taken a solo backpacking trip through Spain for a month and am finishing my manuscript on a book of poetry to be published (subsidy) end of this year.

My question is this: Things seem to be wonderful, except I find myself struggling to honor my path, and still be 'in' the world at the same time. After that great 'big' job, (I now have been unemployed and actively searching for three months) I'm over qualified where I live for many jobs, but still have the 'big' bills especially after the hospital stay. How do I stay true to my authentic self, my path of poetry, school and be able to stay well, with out getting caught up in money matters? How do I make these things happen that I've been blessed by being able to tap into without the support of money? How do I integrate the courage it took to listen to my body, and soul to change my life so drastically, yet still live here on earth harmoniously?

Answer: I strongly suggest you start a regular meditation practice to balance yourself and calm your mind and emotions. When you get very quiet inside on a regular basis you can more readily hear your intuition. Your intuition will guide you about career and energy and health issues. Please get a copy of my book Intuitive Healing and begin practicing the steps I discuss in the book to gain enduring contact with your inner voice. Make 'balance' your mantra and aim to achieve it in your life.


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