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How do I tell the difference between my intuition & anxiety?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff:

I have a lot of anxiety as a result of abuse and trauma. I am also very empathetic. It gets very hard for me to differentiate between my intuition and anxiety. If I let my anxiety stop me I would never accomplish anything. Your insight is greatly appreciated. PS I saw you at the Longevity Conference and thought you were fabulous.
Norco, CA

Answer: Dear Pam:

Intuition is most accurate when you can get into a neutral space to tune in. From this neutral place you will receive intuitive information. Take a few breathes, let all your concerns drift by like clouds in the sky, not attaching--then ask a question you need an intuitive answer for. Be aware of any ah-ha! moments, gut feelings, images, or knowings. If you think you're tuning into your anxiety, get calm and ask again. This is a way to practice being neutral and not being thrown off by your own intense emotions. So glad you enjoyed my talk at the Longevity Conference!
All the best

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