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How do you balance between your analytical mind and intuition?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

How does one find balance between being an analytical intellectual and a spiritual seeker? I always seem to get caught up in one or the other and have trouble "switching gears," so to speak.
Peoria, AZ

Answer: Dear Layne,

To be balanced it is very important to use the analytical mind for what it is so skilled at---accessing facts, making columns of pros and cons, thinking things out logically. Then consult your intuition by practicing deep breathing, going inward to the still silent place and listening to any images, knowings or ah ha revelations that come. In my book Guide to Intuitive Healing I discuss 5 steps for tuning into your intuition which include remembering dreams and asking for inner guidance. Learning these will balance your intellect very nicely.
All best,

Author of "GUIDE TO INTUITIVE HEALING" Dr. Judith Orloff shares ideas from her book about developing intuition and how living in our heads alone can't tap us into our full inner power. Filmed in Dr. Orloff's living room in Los Angeles.
Time: 01:47

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