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How do I spiritually prepare for an 18 week course of cancer therapy?

Question: How to I spiritually prepare of an 18 week course of cancer therapy?

I am getting ready to undertake an 18 week treatment for cancer in my tonsils (I'm not a smoker...) that will include concurrent chemo therapy and radiation. It is so hard on the body that I have been advised to be hospitalized every other week for 10 weeks. How do I prepare for this spiritually? I am looking at this as a journey- what do I bring along?

Answer: I just went though a similar process with a dear friend who received chemo for melanoma. You must realize that your body is being challenged, but stay close to your spiritual center. Chemo or anything difficult can't touch that source of strength if you don't let it. Focus on your heart chakra, and feel that love flowing through you. Know that you are loved and can handle anything that comes up. Try to feel the presence of the divine with you helping you over hurdles and hard times. YOU ARE NOT ALONE--EVER! The divine is always there even if you can't feel it. Bring a spiritual reminder--a photo of a being you connect with, prayer beads, a statue of Quan Yin. (Also my friend brought her own pillow case rather than using the rough ones hospitals have!) Know that you will experience ups and downs, and that there is a beautiful future ahead of you when this is done.
I will hold you in my prayers,

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