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How do you stay on a spiritual path when negative thoughts take over?

Question: I am a 25 year old woman who just went through a huge transformation. In the past two years, a roommate has stolen money from me, punched me in the head (he is male), had a relationship with a passive aggressive man, lost two apartments, my job, my father, was drugged at a party by a co-worker and finally was pulled back home, in the summer of last year my brother who is mentally ill choked me on the back porch of my summer house. I am on a path it seems to a more spiritual life since I have stepped back from all of this. I am blessed to have chosen my mother, who understands the spiritual journey is very impotent. But here is my obstacle, I have been reading and experiencing anything of the spiritual nature. I understand many of the concepts and 'get it', but there are times when I feel if I go any further with the thoughts, I am going to go mad and anxiety takes over and I am forced back to the physical. I know it is 'safe' in the physical and the responsibility is 'less' yet, the awareness that it would be safer to surrender and take on the other is something I can no longer ignore. I want to know, if you have heard of this...the thought of knowing the higher intelligence is always there, the path is chosen and you are to just go with the flow, feeling anxiety from this, and returning to the thinking I was brought up with....thanks

Answer: What a warrior you are! The trick of being on a spiritual path and open to all those energies, is knowing how to ground yourself too. Knowing when you need to breathe, put your feet on the ground, and be in your lower chakras at some times. A meditation I suggest is to feel your body as a great, strong tree with roots going down to the earth's core. In a quiet state really feel that connection. Also know that if any meditation or experience of energy feels too far out and you're feeling anxious or floating away, you can stop. Go shopping. Dance. Take a walk. You are in charge of your spiritual path. Don't go too fast on the road to enlightenment. You can control the rate with which you proceed.

Many blessings,

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