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I'm 3 months pregnant and can't decide to keep baby.

Question: I am 3 months pregnant and have not made a decision weather to keep this baby or not. My boyfriend of 6.5 years doesn't seem ready, he has been changing his mind regarding the responsibility and creating a family every day for the past 1.5 months. I took a break from him and now need to make a decision myself. I was considering termination earlier, but two days ago had a very strong feeling, intuition, that it was a wrong choice for me. I am scared already of the responsibility. I already have a 9 year old daughter, that I am raising by myself since she was 3. I really want a family and definitely want a second child. But I cannot rely that my boyfriend will grow up and come back to me. For some reason I feel that everything will work out fine, but I am still scared. I am scared to take the responsibility to ruin another life, not to be able to give this new baby a full family. However, I really don't want to terminate it. I believe that everything in this life happens for a reason. Please help me

Answer: I suggest that you take the time for regular meditation now to tune into what is the best decision for you. Use the breath to quiet your mind and then ask for inner guidance. Don't force it, just let it come. This is an important time in your life where you must learn to trust your intuition. The answer will come. I know it. Use the breath to calm anxiety then tune in.

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