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Please help me make a decision about my career and a dream I had.

Question: I have been struggling with a decision regarding my career - my love of the arts versus my interest in the sciences. Recently, I had a dream in which I felt an enormous amount of passion because a man lent me a collective biography of artists. I feel that this might mean that I should redirect my career back into the arts (I am currently a medical writer). I am not sure I should trust the feelings that this dream evoked because I have a tendency toward depression and this causes me to become unhappy with my life and want to change things all at once. I have read both of your books and found them to be wonderful. I am writing to you in the hopes that you can help me stay on course whatever that course may be. Thank you

Answer: I'm glad my books have been so helpful to you. One thing for sure: you must have artistic expression in your life whether you shift your career or not. One contributor to your depression is a lack of creative expression. Starting today read those artistic biographies your dream suggested. Really enjoy them, how artists live, work, think, torment, triumph. As you are reading these the answer to your career will come. You may want to think of expanding your current career as medical writer to be more daring, artistic, and cutting edge.

Trust yourself,

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