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Can you help me overcome the overwhelming frustration with my spiritual journey?

Question: I am halfway thru Second Sight, and you have touched me. :)

With less consistency than I would like, I see auras, have been clairaudient, and have dreams that come to be in our day to day reality. Recently I had a dream about a deceased woman that I somehow 'knew' was related to me ... to make a long story short, when I gave her name, as I received it in my dream, to some of my older relatives, she turned out to be my grandmother's grandmother. I don't know what the significance of her presence in my dream was - I don't recall the content of the dream, I only woke with her name in my mind. Could you please try to tune in with me and see if you might receive anything about this? And even more meaningful to me, would be if you could try to connect with me and help me with my overwhelming (and I do mean overwhelming -- I'm often brought to tears of joy when attempting to grasp the unity of all here on earth) feelings of frustration with my spiritual journey? I do try to focus on the process, not the destination ... and am so patient and mindful and perceptive ... yet I feel as if I am ignoring or not seeing an obvious key that is within my reach that would help me open the door and pass thru a certain threshold that would allow me to live my life spiritually rather than devote some time in my life to spirituality. Perhaps I don't make sense to you, it's difficult to convey.

Many thanks and lots of light

Answer: I'm so glad you were touched by my book. I think it is remarkable that your grandmother's grandmother's name came through to you in a dream. It means you are very tuned into other levels of consciousness. If you feel curious, I'd ask for further information in dreams about this woman to see what your mutual connection is. In terms of your spiritual path, the most important thing is compassion--towards yourself first and foremost. Instead of focusing on how far you have to go, focus on how far your heart has come. Also regular meditation will be very helpful in getting you to feel more spiritually connected. Sit quietly, and keep breathing to shift out of your head. Ask for the divine spirit in and around you to be felt. You will enjoy this very much.


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