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What is the meaning of deep, unspoken connections with people?

My question is. How do you know when you have a deep unspoken communication with someone. I have this former coworker, a woman I met about two years ago and we have had this connection with each other, which is like a unspoken connection. I'm not sure what is really happening between us. Please help me understand what is really going on.

Answer: Dear Jennifer,

Sometimes we have an intuitive connection with people without even saying a word. This can be a deja-vu, when you feel like you know someone and the connection is more like a reunion. However, with these connections it is very important to determine if the other person reciprocates. You can sense that you are kindred spirits but this must go further than just potential. For good friendships to work, someone's loving, respectful behavior towards you must back up the sense of connection. If the connection is real, but not actualized, keep moving towards nurturing supportive people. If the connection is mutual, these are precious friendships that can endure through hard times and good.
All the best,

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