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Why am I tormented by nightmares & out of body experiences?

Question: I consider myself a fairly happy, well-adjusted, self-aware individual with a normal healthy upbringing. I work in the healing field. I am tormented nightly by nightmares and very unpleasant 'out-of-body' experiences. Am I doing this to myself (sub-consciously) or could there possibly something else at work here?

Answer: I am a huge lover of dreams, nightmares included. Dreams are our unconscious trying to give us messages. Recurring dreams or nightmares happen because the message is being transmitted until we hear it. Of course, you aren't doing this to yourself intentionally, nor are you trying to torment yourself. There is something you need to learn from the dreams. I strongly suggest you pick up my book, Guide to Intuitive Healing, and read about dreams and the healing power of nightmares. For now, though, write your dream down in a journal, and see how the theme psychologically relates to your fears or past experiences that are haunting you subliminally. It will be very liberating for you.

Embark on this journey with wonder!

Much healing,
Judith Orloff

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