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What do recurring dreams mean?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff
Recently I've had dreams and movie like flashbacks of an ex boyfriend from 13 years ago. I am an empath and have experienced something similar to this but not as strong as what I am experiencing now. The flashbacks happen spontaneously through out the day. I am awakened from sleep with thoughts of him and last week we were in a dream together. The last time I spoke or saw him was 1998. He has an affair with someone, and I think he married the lady. I have tried a number of things and nothing is working to stop this. I exhausted. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
Los Angeles, CA

Answer: Dear Carol
Recurring dreams and intuitive flashes often have an important message for you. In your waking life I would examine what this old boyfriend symbolizes to you and if there is more for you to learn from the relationship, for example dealing with deeper level of hurt about the affair or issues of lack of trust. It also could be that he is going through something significant now in his life and you are picking it up. Use your intuition to find out if you want to contact him to find out. It is important that you ask the dreams to stop before your go to sleep. This is putting a request in to your subconscious. In waking life, practice meditating to ground and center yourself and focus on something else that is positive and uplifting.
All the best,

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