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Why can't narcissists take responsibility for their actions?

Question: Dr. Orloff

I am working under a project manager who is clearly a narcissist. My question is why is it so difficult to pin point and describe how they eat away at you. We had a sit down with all of the salary staff yesterday to state each of our complaints and lack of moral. The meeting was well put together, but in the end it was obvious that nothing got through. He stated that he does not recognize that he is doing anything wrong, but was apologetic. Throughout he was defensive and made a mockery of the meeting. Is this issue consistent with this personality disorder?
Thank you,
Lone Pine, CA

Answer: Dear Chad

In Emotional Freedom I write a lot about narcissists! Narcissists are deceptive because they can be so charming and intelligent until you don't go along with their program. Then they become cold, punching, and rejecting. Narcissists will always make the problem about YOU, and don't take their responsibility for their part in any issue. Narcissists lack empathy, which means they don't really care about what you are feeling. This is important to recognize when dealing with this type of person. I have multiple strategies for dealing with narcissists in Emotional Freedom so take a look!
All the best,

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