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Why is my creativity blocked?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

Since I was 10, I've wanted to be a photographer. I'm now 49. The quality of the images I make leaves much to be desired to the point that I tell myself and I want to give up. I cannot seem to let go of my desire to pursue photography though. It's a passion with so much pain. Why am I so conflicted about doing photography or letting it go?

Answer: Dear Jerome,

Only true artists ask this passionate question about why their creativity is blocked. You are at a new stage in your life where you either trust the universe and your art or not. No equivocating. You must take photos of what makes your heart sing and do not hold yourself back. Any fears about surrendering you must address. Please read the chapter on surrendering fear in Emotional Freedom. Try to come to my Esalen workshop in July in Big Sur, CA and I will help you. You must defer to the intelligence of your talent and let it guide you. I sense you also need a good cry.
In healing,

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