Essential Tools for Empaths


Empaths Survival Guide

Essential Tools for Empaths (Audio Program)

A Survival Guide for Sensitive People

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Learn Practical Survival Skills for Sensitive and Empathic People

Are you an empath? If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by noise and crowds, been put down for being too shy and introverted, or “caught” someone else’s bad mood, chances are you’re at least partially an empath. As an empath herself, Dr. Judith Orloff is uniquely versed in the challenges and opportunities facing people with extraordinary sensitivity. With Essential Tools for Empaths, she offers techniques, insights, and guided practices to help you overcome the most common pitfalls for empaths—while helping you develop your exceptional gifts of perception, compassion, and creativity. In this practice-based companion to her book, The Empath’s Survival Guide, she shows you how to:

• Discover what kind of empath you are—and what your particular obstacles and opportunities will be
• Stop absorbing physical and emotional symptoms from those around you
• Manage the challenges of sensory overload, social overwhelm, and empathy fatigue
• Protect yourself from narcissists, control freaks, and other energy vampires
• Enhance your health, intuition, and spiritual life
• Recognize and overcome the addiction issues empaths often face
• Flourish in intimate relationships while maintaining healthy boundaries
• Help non-empaths understand your needs and special abilities of perception
• Find fulfilling work that supports your sensitivities
• Raise empathic children in a healthy, supportive way

Empaths are pioneers of a new way of being for humankind,” says Dr. Orloff. “We are in the midst of an evolution of human consciousness . . . and you are the path-forgers.” Here she brings empaths an invaluable resource for learning to survive and thrive in an overwhelming culture—so you can fully shine your power in the world.

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