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Welcome to Dr. Orloff’s Videos from her best-selling books “The Empath’s Survival Guide,” “The Power of Surrender,” “Emotional Freedom,” “Positive Energy,” “Second Sight,” and “Guide to Intuitive Healing” They are filmed in workshops, press interviews, at TEDx events and in her own living room. Topics include empaths, awakening intuition, dreams, how to cope with energy vampires, letting go of negativity and more! More videos on Dr. Orloff’s YouTube Channel.

Featured Videos

Google Talk: Radical Empathy in the Workplace

Judith Orloff MD, a New York Times bestselling author of “The Empath’s Survival Guide” and her upcoming “Radical Empathy,” discusses how to ignite the power of empathy and intuition at work, teaching viewers how sensitive people can thrive in an insensitive world.


Google Talk: The Empath’s Survival Guide


Watch Dr. Judith Orloff’s Google talk about how sensitive people can thrive in an insensitive world from her national bestseller “The Empath’s Survival Guide.”


The Ecstasy of Surrender: Judith Orloff, MD at TEDx Santa Barbara, CA


Watch Dr. Judith Orloff’s TEDx talk about her national bestseller “The Power of Surrender.”