Techniques for Empaths to Strengthen Their Intuition & Protect Their Energy


Two One-Hour video classes with Judith Orloff, MD

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Many empaths and sensitive people need additional support during times of uncertainy and overwhelm.

In this spirit, Dr. Orloff offers two one-hour online classes (prerecorded) that focus on specific skills to empower empaths and all sensitive people. The first class focuses on strengthening your intuition. In the second class Dr. Orloff teaches protection & centering strategies. Plus, questions from participants during each class

Strengthening Your Intuition

Intuition is an empath’s best friend. It is the still small voice inside that will tell you the truth about things. It is a survival instinct, but more, it can help you choose positive relationships and avoid toxic ones. In this prerecorded online class, Dr. Orloff reviews different types of intuition such as gut feelings, premonitions, dreams, and body knowings. She helps you connect with the types of intuition that feel most natural to your body. You’ll also learn the difference between intuition and fear so that you can know how to rely on intuitions that are clear and accurate.

Protection & Centering Techniques

Learning practical protection and centering techniques allows empaths and all sensitive people to feel safe. In this webinar, Dr. Orloff discusses the importance of utilizing these techniques as a form of self-care and discusses specific techniques that you can use in daily life. In addition, Dr. Orloff leads you through different protection strategies such as boundary setting, The Jaguar Meditation, Earthing and more.

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