Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth’s Surface Electrons


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The Power of Grounding and Earthing

Earthing is a way of connecting to the earth’s energy to ground yourself. Of course, it’s ideal to go barefoot in nature, but it’s also fine in a grassy backyard. Or you lay your entire body against the earth for a fuller effect. I love resting on my back by the ocean, gazing at the sky. The earth’s energy is medicine for stressed out humans. Touching the earth lets you take its healing in through your feet and entire body. Your feet are especially good at grounding stress because of the high density of reflexology and acupuncture points in the soles, which get activated by walking barefoot, and also by massage. Your feet are perfectly positioned to transmit the earth’s healing to the rest of you.

But, if being in nature is not an option, you can use the following visualization technique at home, at work, or even in social situations. If you don’t have a private space, you can always take a break and sit outside or simply go to the bathroom for a few minutes. (For years, the bathroom has been my refuge when I need to escape a gathering to lower my stimulation level.)

Practice this visualization to decompress and return to your center. I use it for at least 5 minutes daily and teach it to my patients.

Protection Strategy
Grounding and Earthing Visualization: Focus on Your Feet, not Your Fear

When you feel overloaded, anxious, or fearful, create some quiet time to lower your stimulation level. Being alone and being left alone to recharge will help you decompress. Close the door. Turn off the computer and phone. Then, sit in a comfortable position and take a few deep breaths to relax your body. Start to feel still and at ease as tension melts away. Nothing to do. Nothing to be. Just breathing and relaxing. If thoughts come, let them drift by like clouds in the sky. Do not attach to them. Focus only on slowly inhaling, then exhaling. Feel stress leaving your body as you connect to a sense of serenity.

In this tranquil inner space, visualize a large tree with a wide, strong trunk extending down the center of your body from head to toe. Take a few moments to feel its power and vibrant energy. Then visualize the tree’s roots growing from the bottom of your feet, rooting down into the ground, making their way deeper and deeper, a comforting sense of solidity. Focus on the when you are anxious or afraid. Let the roots anchor you into Mother Earth, stabilizing you. Rooting yourself provides an inner strength that will keep you centered and protected when life gets overwhelming. As you gently, slowly open your eyes, keep feeling the sensation of grounding. Come back to the room knowing, that you can use this earthing visualization to anchor yourself whenever you get thrown off.

Spend time in nature and practice Earthing. Empaths love nature and feel at ease there. Being in a fresh, clean, green environment or around water clears negativity. The Earth emanates healing. Try lying in a meadow and soaking up its energy in your entire body. This feels sublime! Earthing means going barefoot and feeling the earth’s power through your feet. I love being barefoot. In fact, I have never really liked wearing shoes unless it’s cold or I’m not home. To shed other people’s energy, feel the grass between your bare toes, walk in the sand or the soil. Sense the nurturing medicine of the earth coming through your feet to ground you–a beautiful experience.

I feel strongly about the importance of taking personal retreat time away from the world at least once a year. This is a planned break to decompress in nature or a calming spot where you can recalibrate your system. I offer a yearly weekend retreat for sensitive people at Esalen Institute by the gorgeous redwoods and ocean in Big Sur, California. It’s a time for participants to slow down, tune into their intuition, and connect more deeply to their spirits. I also take a few personal retreats each year in nature to get off the grid and restore myself.


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