Are You In A Relationship With A Narcissist?


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Are You In A Relationship With A Narcissist?

Narcissists have a grandiose sense of self-importance and entitlement, crave admiration and attention.  This quiz will shed insight on your relationships with them, whether they are coworkers, friends, or family members, and how to step into your personal power in that relationship.




1. Does the person act as if life revolves around him or her?YesNo
2. Do I have to compliment him or her to get his or her attention or approval?YesNo
3. Does he or she constantly steer the conversation back to himself/herself?YesNo
4. Does he or she downplay my feelings or interests?YesNo
5. If I disagree, does he or she become cold or withholding?YesNo

How to interpret this quiz

  • If you had 0 yeses – It’s unlikely that you’re involved with a narcissist
  • If you had 1 yes – Even answering yes to one question is a red flag indicating potential narcissism. It is healthy to address the issue with the person–for instance not feeling listened to–in order to resolve it. In a relationship it’s important that you feel heard and respected.
  • If you had 2 yeses – This person has some narcissistic tendencies. Your emotional freedom is somewhat compromised by his or her self-centeredness.
  • If you had 3 yeses – You are in a relationship with someone who has moderate narcissistic tendencies. This starts to take a toll on your intimacy. Beware of trying to win their love and attention or making your self-worth dependent on them.”,
  • If you had 4 yeses – You are in a relationship with someone with definite narcissistic traits. Everything is “all about them.” Keep your expectations realistic. Enjoy their good qualities, but look for your nurturing from people who can reciprocate.”,
  • If you had 5 yeses – You are in a relationship with a narcissist. Do not marry this person! He or she has a limited capacity for empathy and unconditional love.

If the relationship is unavoidable, lower your expectations. To successfully communicate, you must show how something will be to their benefit, as tedious as that ego stroking is.

This quiz is excerpted from Emotional Freedom by Judith Orloff MD


Judith Orloff, MD is a New York Times bestselling author with the upcoming book The Genius of Empathy: Practical Skills to Heal Yourself, Your Relationships and the World (Foreword by the Dalai Lama). She has also written The Empath’s Survival Guide and Thriving as an Empath, which offers daily self-care tools for sensitive people. She integrates the pearls of conventional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, empathy, energy medicine, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice and online internationally. Her work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Oprah Magazine, the New York Times and USA Today. Dr. Orloff has spoken at Google-LA, TEDx U.S. and TEDx Asia. More information about Dr. Orloff’s Empathy Training Programs for businesses, The Empath Survival Guide Online Course and speaking schedule at

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