How Surrendered Are You?


How Surrendered Are You?

I’m intrigued with the idea of surrender, not as defeat or loss but as a positive, intuitive way of living, power that grows as you develop trust in the moment as well as in change and the unknown. In Sanskrit, surrender is “samprada,” meaning to give completely, or deliver wholly over. I’m defining it as the grace of letting go at the right moment–the ability to accept what-is, to exhale and flow downstream with the cycles of life instead of battling them or anxiously brooding. To manifest true success and happiness in your life, it’s important to know when to let go and when to be assertive. Take this quiz to learn if you have excessive control issues.



Mostly UntrueMostly 
1. I recognize I cannot control everything.01
2. After I've done what's possible to "make things happen" or change a situation, I can let go and accept life without fighting it.01
3. I don't try to force things when a door is shut.01
4. I am comfortable with uncertainty.01
5. I remember to exhale during stress.01
6. I'm able to give and receive love.01
7. I can feel powerful without dominating others or telling family and friends what to do.01
8. I don't withhold attention or love or keep people dangling to feel in control.01
9. I feel successful apart from my job or net worth.01
10. I see my body as sacred, and don't obsess on weight or wrinkles.01
11. I can accept the aging process and feel good about myself.01
12. I don't compare myself to others.01
13. I can let go and enjoy lovemaking.01
14. I feel sensually connected to nature.01
15. I practice physical movement to keep my body flexible and healthy.01
16. If I'm ill, I practice self-compassion and surrender to the healing process instead of beating myself up.01
17. I'm in touch with a sense of spirituality larger than my will.01
18. I listen to my intuition to help make decisions, especially when I don't know the answer or face obstacles.01
19. I'm open to new ideas and can let go of ones I once held to be true.01
20. I can embrace happiness.01
21. I allow myself to experience loss and grief without bottling up my feelings.01
22. I don't fear death.01
23. I'm not attached to "being right" and can admit when I'm wrong.01
24. I can be spontaneous and playful.01
25. I can welcome silence, stillness, and meditation.01

How To Interpret This Test
To calculate your score, total the numbers of “mostly trues” for each response.

  • A score of 20-25 suggests that you’re experiencing a very high level of surrender in your life.
  • A score of 15-19 suggests a high level.
  • A score of 6-14 or suggests a moderate level.
  • A score of 5 or below indicates a minimal level.
  • A zero score indicates that it’s difficult for you to release excessive control, but surrender is closer than you think as you begin to practice it more

This quiz is excerpted from The Power of Surrender by Judith Orloff MD. Learn more about the power of surrender in manifesting true success and happiness in Chapter One


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