Releasing Grudges and Resentments


Releasing Grudges and Resentments

Calming Your Ego and Opening Your Heart


1.5 Hour Zoom Talk and Mentoring

Friday, April 1, 2022

11 AM – 12:30 PM PST

(2 PM New York / 8 AM Hawaii / 7 PM London / 4 AM Sydney)

Cost: $85


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(Can’t make it live? A video recording will be available to watch at your convenience.)


Letting go of resentments and grudges is essential to free yourself from negative energy. The main person that they damage is you.

Join Dr. Judith Orloff as she guides empaths and all caring people toward the empathy and large-heartedness to release resentments around wounds others have caused or that are self-inflicted. Based on her book Emotional Freedom, Dr. Orloff will discuss the destructive nature of unresolved resentments and demonstrate how to clear the damaging effects from your psyche. Dr. Orloff will share techniques to help you cultivate the compassion to transform even justified resentments to free yourself and prevent the overflow of negative energy into other aspects of your life.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Set your intention to release a resentment
  • Cultivate compassion and aim for the grace of forgiveness
  • Address resistances to letting go of resentments—including the ego
  • Constructively make amends
  • Resist the desire for revenge

Certainly, you are entitled to be upset if someone wrongs you. And you can try to improve the situation or else leave if it is too destructive. Compassion for yourself and others, though, ensures that resentments don’t feed on your energy and well-being. Remember, compassion refers to the actor, not the act — not the offense but the woundedness of the offender. This never justifies a harmful act, but it allows you to free yourself from its burden.

Note: This workshop will be part lecture and part working with participants in the Q &A session. Dr. Orloff will actively mentor some participants about how to release specific resentments and identify any resistance to letting go.

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Judith Orloff, MD is the New York Times best-selling author of The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People. Her latest book Thriving as an Empath offers daily self-care tools for sensitive people along with its companion The Empath’s Empowerment Journal. Dr. Orloff is a psychiatrist, an empath, and is on the UCLA Psychiatric Clinical Faculty. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality. Dr. Orloff also specializes in treating empaths and highly sensitive people in her private practice. Dr. Orloff’s work has been featured on The Today Show, CNN, Oprah Magazine, the New York Times and USA Today. Dr. Orloff has spoken at Google-LA and has a TEDX talk. Her other books are Emotional Freedom, The Power of Surrender, Second Sight, Positive Energy, and Guide to Intuitive HealingExplore more information about her Empath Support Online course and speaking schedule on

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