Woman’s World: Why Do the Holidays Make Me So Irritable?


Navigating the Triggers of a Dysfunctional Family

Many sensitive, caring people need to take it slowly with family get-togethers as they can often feel too much from them. There may be more noise, drinking, and loud voices than they can tolerate.

Families are living organisms. The health and behavior of its members contribute to its overall wellness. In a healthy family, you learn to identify your needs and feelings; you receive consistent, loving messages from your parents; and your authenticity is valued. A dysfunctional family lacks clear boundaries. Shaming and blaming occur. One family member may become a scapegoat, communication is poor, and parents may be struggling with substance abuse or their own emotional distress or trauma.

If you come from a dysfunctional family, it’s wise to accept the limitations of each of the members and lower your expectations. Setting polite but clear boundaries with toxic behavior stops you from becoming a doormat. Also recognize how your relatives emotionally trigger you. Acknowledge that these emotional triggers can shine light on your wounds so you can heal them. Healing your triggers is liberating because you won’t be thrown off or drained by people’s inappropriate comments. They may still be annoying, but they won’t have the power to zap you. For instance, when someone criticizes your choices, see this as a chance to set healthy boundaries and examine the tender areas within where your self-esteem may be fragile. Or if someone throws you crumbs of love, it’s powerful to say, “I deserve so much more.”

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