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Body and Soul Magazine calls Dr. Orloff “one of our nation's top doctors.”

"Dr. Orloff is the right medicine for the world right now."
                                                Hanna, Dublin workshop participant

Dr. Orloff presents empowering lectures and workshops on how to attain emotional freedom, intuitive awareness, and total wellness. She synthesizes the pearls of traditional medicine with cutting edge knowledge of intuition, energy, and spirituality to share practical tools that will help the audience achieve physical and emotional healing. Body and Soul Magazine has called Dr. Orloff "one of the nation's top doctors." Dr. Orloff shows how the future of medicine lies in the integration of technological advances with intuition and the capacity to overcome negative emotions, the wedding of heart and mind. She begins her talks by creating a bond of warmth, trust and intimacy with participants, within which they can hear and explore her ideas. Her sincerity, humor, and joy bring everyone in the audience with her—leaving everyone more in touch with their own emotional freedom and intuition, as well as Dr. Orloff's contributions to a radically new kind of medicine.

Lecture/Workshop Presentations

Topics for Health & Wellness Symposium

Igniting the Power of Your Empathy and Intuition

Surrender to the Power of Your Intuition

The Power of Feminine Surrender

The Power of Spiritual Surrender: How to Let Go and Master the Art of Effortlessness in Your Life

Surrender to the Healing Wisdom of Your Body

The Power of Intuition and Emotions to Heal

Intuition, Emotional Healing, and Mindfulness

How to Read People: Techniques for Successful Communication

Awaken The Power of Intuition

The Power of Intuition and Positive Energy to Heal

Discovering Your Intuitive Gifts in Everyday Life

The Power of Woman's Intuition

Tapping the Power of Your Dreams: Strategies for Interpreting Their Life-Changing Messages for Health and Healing

How Health Professionals Can Use Intuition to Excel in Patient Care

How Intuition Can Help Us Better Understand Death and Dying

Positive Energy: Ten Prescriptions for Empowerment

How Intuition Can Enhance Emotional Wellness and Patient Care

Topics for Corporate & Organizational Productivity

Improve Communication Skills and Increase Productivity by Learning to Read People

How to Effectively Deal With Difficult People at Work

Healthy Stress in the Workplace

How Developing Intuition Enhances Employee Performance

Sample Videos of Dr. Orloff’s Lectures

How to Listen to Your Body

“Transform Frustration With Patience”
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“What is Your Emotional Type?”
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“Introduction To Emotional Freedom”
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“The Biology of Fear”
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“How to Spot Energy Vampires”
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For more videos visit Dr. Orloff's popular
“Intuition and Emotional Freedom Channel”

which has over a million views!

Lecture/Workshop Endorsements

“A very big thank you to Dr Judith Orloff. Without exception, the most powerful workshop we have ever experienced at CSLWestlake happened yesterday afternoon with your presentation.”
Sandra Dixon, The Center for Spiritual Living, Westlake, CA

“Dr. Orloff is a rare combination of academic credibility, intuitive awareness, and the ability to communicate with authenticity…” Read more »
Ping Ho, UCLA Pediatric Pain Clinic

“Your talk on how to alleviate stress was incredibly valuable. I am grateful for your time, energy, and commitment.” Read more »
Maria Shriver, First Lady's Women’s Conference

“The audience of 500 rose to their feet in standing ovation…” Read more »
Axiom Conferences

“Your presentations at the Brain Health Symposium were incredible...” Read more »
The Commonwealth Club, San Francisco, CA

“Every physician should hear this program! Dr. Orloff's presentation was the most well attended lecture...” Read more »
Orange County Medical Association, CA

“Dr. Orloff's keynote was both educational and entertaining...” Read more »
Los Angeles County Department of Public Works

“Your keynote was was absolutely wonderful and deeply touched us all…” Read more »
Evergreen Hospital

“An excellent talk... the most popular one in our lecture series…” Read more »
Cal State University

“Dr. Orloff’s wonderful workshop was life-giving...” Read more »
Loyola Marymount University

“Dr. Orloff's enlightening talk really resonated with the overflow crowd!” Read more »
UCLA Women's Faculty Club

“Dr. Orloff has the rare ability to make the audience feel as if they are the most important people in her world.” Read more »
Unity Magazine

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A Selection of Past Appearances

  • TED X American Rivera Conference
    Santa Barbara, CA
  • American Psychiatric Convention (APA)
    Chicago, Illinois
  • Omega Institute, Blue Spirit Retreat Center
    Costa Rica
  • Columbia Presbyterian
    Hospital Medical Center

    Integrative Medicine Department
    New York, New York
  • UCLA Pediatric Pain Program
    Los Angeles, California
  • Screen Actors Guild
    Los Angeles, California
  • UCLA Women's Faculty Center
    Los Angeles, California
  • Cancer Support Community Pasadena
    Pasadena, CA
  • Orange County Medical Association
    Irvine, California
  • Loyola Marymount University
    Los Angeles, California
  • National Institute for Psychotherapies
    New York, NY
  • International Conference on Science and Consciousness
    Santa Fe, New Mexico
  • UC San Francisco School of Medicine
    Integrative Medicine Forum
    San Francisco, California
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine
    Reno, Nevada
  • Fortune Magazine's Most
    Powerful Women Summit

    Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Scripps College
    Claremont Colleges
    Claremont, California
  • Western Connecticut State University
    Danbury, Connecticut
  • Morristown Memorial Hospital
    Morristown, New Jersey
  • 92nd Street YMCA
    New York, New York
  • Association for Energy Psychology International
  • Danbury Women's Correctional Institution
    Danbury, Connecticut
  • California School of Professional Psychology
    Los Angeles, California
  • Summit for Clinical Excellence
    Palm Springs, California
  • University of Wisconsin-Stout
    Menomonie, Wisconsin
  • University of Connecticut Health Center
    Farmington, Connecticut
  • Evergreen Hospital Medical Center
    Seattle, Washington
  • International Conference on Science and Consciousness
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • American Academy of Osteopathy
    El Paso, Texas
  • Santa Barbara City College
    Santa Barbara, California
  • Omega "Body & Soul" Conferences
    Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver
  • Association for Global New Thought
    Palm Springs, CA
  • SEVA Human Rights Conference
    Marlboro, Massachusetts
  • Women's Correctional Institution
    Danbury, CT
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine
    Reno, Nevada
  • Maria Shriver's First Lady's Women's Conference
    Los Angeles, California
  • The Longevity Now! Conference 
    Costa Mesa, CA
  • LA County Dept of Public Works Women in Leadership Conference
    Los Angeles, California
  • UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center
    Los Angeles, California
  • Anita Salas Breast Cancer Fundraiser
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • The Commonwealth Club
    San Francisco, California
  • Integris Baptist Medical Center
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  • International Conference for Energy Psychology
    San Francisco, California
  • California State University
    Long Beach, California
  • UCLA-Harbor Dept of Psychiatry
    Los Angeles, California
  • National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
    Los Angeles, California
  • APPA Leadership Education
    San Antonio, Texas
  • One Legacy: A Transplant Donor Network
    Los Angeles, California
  • Institute of Noetic Sciences
    Palm Springs, California
  • Agape Spiritual Center
    Los Angeles, California
  • Unity Church of Phoenix
    Phoenix, Arizona
  • Atlanta Unity Church
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Miraval Center for Well Being
    Tucson, Arizona
  • Association for Global New Thought
    Palm Springs, California
  • Omega Institute
    Rhinebeck, New York
  • Church of Today
    Warren, Michigan
  • Orange County Performing Arts Center
    Santa Ana, California
  • Atlanta Unity Church
    Atlanta, Georgia
  • Natural Health Magazine Conference
    Seattle, WA
  • Mind-Science Foundation
    San Antonio, TX
  • International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy
    Royal Oak, Michigan
  • National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine (NICABM)
    Monterey, CA
  • Esalen Institute
    Big Sur, California
  • New York Open Center
    New York City
  • Kripalu Center
    Lenox, Massachusetts
  • Mile Hi Church
    Denver, Colorado
  • Integrative Health Institute Mount Royal College
    Calgary, Canada
  • International Institute of Integral Human Studies
    Montreal, Quebec


Dr. Judtih Orloff's lectures

UCLA Workshop

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Saturday, October 21, 2017 – 10 to 4 PM Workshop
The Power of Intuition and Empathy to Heal – New York, NY
New York Open Center
22 East 30th Street, New York, NY
For details call (212) 219-2527 or go to

Friday, November 10, 2017 – 7 - 9PM Evening Talk with Dr. Orloff & Dr. Ronald Alexander
Deepen Your Mindfulness Practice with Intuition, Empathy & Creativity – Los Angeles, CA
1430 Olympic Blvd. - Santa Monica, CA
For details call (310) 450-1821 or go to


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