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We can learn from one another. No matter what you're going through, the goal is always to tune into your intuition and trust it in order to achieve increasing emotional freedom. This inner voice is the deepest knowledge within you that will give you the courage and wisdom to face anything.

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“Intuitive Decision Making: The Power of Positive Intention”

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How can I use intuition to find the right roommate?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

No matter how I listen to my body and my intuition, I keep ending up in horrible roommate situations where I end up having to move which is very stressful. Since I am an empath with fibromyalgia this is especially difficult for me. I would like my own place without a roommate. Any suggestions to be able to read my intuition better about people?
Los Angeles, CA

Answer: Dear Charli,

It’s very important that when you tune into intuition you identify only neutral or compassionate messages. When you meet a potential roommate, take some quiet time alone and tune in. Click on the link to learn more tips for empaths to find the right roommate and how to tap into your intuition.

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How can I use intuition to find the right roommate?

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