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How can I tell the difference between a perceptive and wishful dream?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff,

How can I tell the difference between a perceptive and wishful dream? In my dream I see myself holding hands while walking away with the man I love. I'm very happy in the dream as I witness both of us walk into the sunset. Is this wishful thinking or should I interpret this as a sign of letting go of a relationship that has been difficult?
Thank you
S. Torres
New York, NY

Answer: Dear S. Torres,

Intuitive dreams are often unemotional, neutral, with a sense of detachment similar to being in a movie theater watching a film. Wish fulfillment dreams are often based on fantasy and are emotional--which are signs that it is not true intuition. Intuition simply reveals information in a neutral or compassionate way. Wish fulfillment dreams are full of fancy and love and a dreamy quality that are not grounded in the pragmatism of intuition.
Sweet Dreams,

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