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How does synchronicity work?

Question: Hi Dr. Orloff,

I just finished reading your book "Second Sight," and liked learning about your journey. It made me want to ask about one experience I have that seems to be more psychic than others. If I am emotional about something, or wondering what insight I need to move forward, I'll sometimes hear a song on the radio that seems to speak directly to me (especially when I'm in the car). At times I have actually followed the 'song advice' literally, and other times I just find it echoing my own emotional state. Do you know why or how we can be connected to radio signals?
Santa Clara, CA

Answer: Dear Claire,

So glad you enjoyed Second Sight! Yes, songs can offer intuitive guidance. When you need guidance, often the synchronicity of hearing a particular song can help you. Or you hear a song that reminds you of someone, then he or she calls. The key to intuitive guidance is that if it works to make your life better, it is accurate. It's very creative to look for synchronicities in your life and pay attention to the wisdom they offer.
All the best,

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