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Is sleeping well more difficult for empaths?

Question: Dear Dr. Orloff

I have struggled my whole life & only now at 48 I realize I'm an empath. It makes so much sense to me. I've found that good sleep has evaded me all my life & added to my struggle. I don't have nightmares, more a deep anxiety at night & an inability to rest & sleep. This has been a huge source of distress for me. I welcome your thoughts on this Thank you for your great work.
Cork, Ireland

Answer: Dear Maria

Empaths are sensitive souls in all areas, sleep being one of them. Deep sleep is necessary for empaths to decrease their sense of being overstimulated by life. Many empaths have a harder time for sleep and need a specific kind of sleep hygiene. First, your bed needs to be a sacred space with comfortable sheets, pillows, comforters so you can burrow into the refuge of your bed. Your bed should never be a place of conflict where you argue, pay bills or do other stressful activities. I suggest meditating for 5 minutes before you to to sleep to find stillness and quiet your mind. Picture a very beautiful scene in nature. Empaths love water so any scene with water is calming. You might also want to get a white noise machine with nature sounds. In terms of your emotional healing, review your life to see if there was an incident or experience that made it feel not safe to sleep and let go—for instance hearing your parents yelling or other traumas. You can journal about this and work with a therapist or guide to get through these issues. I also invite you to read my book Emotional Freedom and go straight to the section on sleep and dreams for more strategies to sleep well + join my Empath Support Community on Facebook to be with like minded sensitive souls.
Welcome to the loving community of empaths!

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