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What is the difference between fear and intuition?

Question: Hello Dr. Orloff,

I love your YouTube videos on intuition! How does someone know when there gut is telling them the truth versus when someone is just being paranoid about something? For example, my boyfriend broke up with me once and it devastated me, and since then we have had an amazing reconciliation but each time we've been in a fight, my gut told me he's going to break up with me again when in reality we are very happy together and he has never spoke of breaking up. So how do you separate your fears or paranoia from intuition?


Answer: Dear Avijah,

Important question! There is a big difference between intuition and fear. Intuition usually comes from a neutral almost nonemotional place--simply information transmitted. Sometimes intuition is like watching a movie in a theater--often a bystander quality involved. When there is too much emotion involved I'm suspicious that fear is involved, not intuition. In Positive Energy I talk about making a list of your top five fears so you know when they come up. If, for instance, you have a fear of abandonment or a fear that your boyfriend is going to leave you--most likely this is your own issue of fear you need to work on. Please refer to the chapter in Positive Energy on emotional energy to work All best,

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