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Why am I more sensitive to some people's energy and not others?

Question: Dear Judith,
Lately, I've become increasingly empathic. I've read your books Intuitive Healing book and Second Sight which have helped me immensely. I've always been sensitive but lately I've been developing symptoms that my friends and coworkers have been feeling - as soon as I get out of their energy fields it lessens. With certain people the sensations I have are much stronger. I am taking steps in cleansing, grounding and protecting myself. It's not that these people are 'energy vampires' - they are really happy, positive people. But when they are stressed or in emotional turmoil I pick up on their symptoms and feelings. Why?

Answer: We can be more sensitive to some people's energy than others for two main reasons. One, that we feel a rapport with them so we're more open to picking up their vibes during stressful times. Two, we tend to be sapped by issues we haven't worked out in ourselves. For instance, if you have unresolved anxiety and a coworker is anxious, you're more likely to be thrown off by it. So do you best to work on your emotional issues so you're not so vulnerable to others who are going through similar things. I'm in psychotherapy for just that reason. I need to keep my energy high so I must deal with my own emotional issues so I'm not drained by others.
With love,

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