Sensing the Energy of Others

sensing energy

(Adapted from Second Sight: An Intuitive Psychiatrist Tells Her Story and Show You How to Tap Your Own Inner Wisdom Three Rivers Press, 2010 by Judith Orloff MD)

Over the many years of developing my intuition I’ve learned that as one begins to open up to it they start to get a sense of the bliss, joy, and pleasure that is all around them. Many of us cannot let that much pleasure in as we’re more comfortable staying with our own problems. I encourage you to develop your intuition and awareness of energy so you can inherently sense the ecstasy that is everywhere. It is in the little flowers, the wind, the forces of nature. There is an ecstasy all around that most people will miss because they live only in their heads and don’t know about it. Part of opening to this energy is going further than your head and sensing the larger universe including nature so you can learn to surrender to the bliss that is all around us.

I included the art of reading people’s energies in my book, The Power of Surrender. As well below you can listen to a talk from my book, Second Sight that I gave at the New York Open Center on this topic. Remember you deserve to feel the bliss