The Power of Doing a Life Review


At the close of each year, I like to do a thorough life review. I remind myself that I didn’t have to be perfect or infallible. Instead my goal is to learn from my mistakes and successes so I can grow.

I invite you to take stock of your experiences this year, in order to gain clarity and compassion on your journey as an empath. Reflect on and journal about your progress and challenges. What were the emotional high points? Did you honor your sensitivities? Were you able to overcome low self-esteem? Did you set kind but firm boundaries with a colleague? Did you make a new friend? Be grateful for these strides.

You have come so far on your journey of awakening. You don’t have to hide your gifts anymore.

Knowing you are an empath changes everything. Notice how your life has improved from this revelation. Applaud your progress every time you listen to your intuitive voice, express your empathic needs, and practice self-care. Keep expanding ways to nurture and protect your sensitivities. Keep learning how to become more centered and confident as you navigate the world of people.

Our collective light as empaths synergizes each other. We are rebels, outsiders, individualists, the ones who dare to break the mold. Your gentleness and caring can penetrate our callous society. Be a role model for newer empaths and show them the way. Let’s walk the road less traveled together and support each other in bringing love and understanding to our own lives and the world.

Then review your challenges. What losses or heartbreaks did you experience? When did you succumb to fear? When did you ignore your intuition or forget to practice self-care? Did you break a promise and still need to apologize? Everyone makes mistakes, but taking ownership of them helps clear bad karma. It also stops you from repeating these behaviors and minimizes their repercussions if you make amends. Lovingly appraise everything you’ve been though and set positive goals.

As part of the life review, notice what you dream about. I dream of peace and quiet. I dream of adventure and also of staying at home. I love to be alone, and I love to be with you. All this can come together when I express my true needs. I don’t dream of pretending to be happy when I’m falling apart. Nor do I dream of being in a noisy, frantic world where I can’t hear my intuition. I dream of being comfortable in my own skin, free of worry and strain. I dream of dreaming and coming into my own.

Journal too about your fondest dreams. Let yourself imagine what’s possible. Be propelled by love and inspiration. Don’t let anything stop you from envisioning a more fulfilling way to be. Also consider: What don’t you dream about? What do you want to avoid? What habits don’t you want to repeat? Express your heart and all its yearnings. Your future is wide open. New possibilities are about to unfold.

Set your intention. I will always allow myself to dream. My dreams are real. I will make them come true.
(Excerpt from “Thriving as an Empath: 365 Days of Self-Care for Sensitive People” by Judith Orloff, MD)

13 thoughts on “The Power of Doing a Life Review

  1. I am an Empath, a highly sensitive person. I awoke to my high sensitivity in 1971. I have been on an ongoing “Roadless Traveled” since 1971. There was no word for highly sensitive people, except “You are too Sensitive.” I heard it a lot, but I never let it stop me, or give up my 1972 commitments to listen to my feeling, because they are telling me things I need to know, and to be honest with myself and others. It has not been easy, but My Will, Commitment and Determination, and the “Sign Posts”of Synchronicitic occurances have made it possible!!!I

    In addition, I just realized there is an element about being highly sensitive that seems necessary between two empaths, and needs to be discussed. If one empath, becomes direct, and unwilling to hear the other empath, it can put a *block” in the relationship / friendship, Being highly sensitive is a two way street. Neither person means any harm to the other person.

  2. Hi I ‘thought’ i did follow the Path and yesterday I realised I have failed. I wonder how many other women whose husband chose his mistress before his marriage and demand he keep ‘his’ children to blend with hers…for the sake of her children did not enter into threats of nasty divorce but ‘trusted’ at a future time the truth would be known? I now face the ‘truth’ that in time lies breed and intergenerational view swings to the romantic notions and truth is hidden? How do empaths deal with that? Last night I dreamed a storm desecrated the coast where I spend time. Standing looking at the damage the surf rose again and three massive waves were driven to shore. I woke drenched, exhausted, too tired to try again. How does an empath deal with this? It is day one of 2021 and I am stunned and numb.

  3. I SO value Judith’s guidance. Even though we have never met there is an understanding, a unique connection. Thank-you Judith for at times grounding me when I need it. Bless you for guiding others……..

  4. this is the kindest and most assuring passage for me as i embrace this journey with your leadership, Dr. Judith. I soooo love your class and look forward to moving forward with it!.

  5. Thank you very much for this Judith. I’m looking forward to a little quiet time to do this reflection. My partner just moved in so it is a challenge to manage my needs with his. No surprise there;)!

    I’ve now read/listened to 3 of your books and recommended them to Empath clients…I’m a psychotherapist in New Zealand. They are invaluable to me…so validating!

  6. Dr. Judith Orloff’s books and classes have greatly improved my life in so many ways! I am forever grateful and highly recommend her resources.

  7. I’m coming to the end of the year after starting “365 Days” on January 1. The thoughts and support I’ve felt have been invaluable, and I am looking forward to journaling about the year. I will start your book over on January 1, 2021.
    Thank you, Judith, for your love, support and clarity in bringing understanding and comfort to those of us for whom life can be very difficult as empaths.
    Here’s to a better 2021.
    Kind regards,
    Gail Scriven

  8. Hi, I am on Medicare and looking for a therapist who understands being an empath and takes my insurance. I also have PTSD from working as an RN for 20 years. Thank you, Rachel

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